Introducing ScoutIQ Team Mode

A Powerful Way To
Scale Your Business

Manage Remotely

Take Your Business National

Teams and Triggers

Same app. More power.


Have a friend Interested in Selling Books?  want to add employees? Let the local library sell on consignment? Do it with the click of a button and manage your team Remotely.


One size does not fit all. Create custom triggers for thrift stores, book sales, consignments deals and more. Deploy instantly to individual team members.


choose what information your teams sees with hidden mode. instantly change any team member to hidden mode where they only see accept or reject.

Triggers Unleashed
Ultimate Control And Customization

Easily adapt to different scouting scenarios by creating multiple trigger profiles.  Build a set of triggers for bag sales at your local library and another set for your favorite thrift store.  Set up rules for books, CDs, DVDs, and Video Games to grow your business.