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The real game changer. eScore measures the number of days that have registered a sale in the past 180 days. This gives you a better insight into the book’s historical demand. eScore prevents you from getting tricked by a book’s volatile sales rank, and eliminates the need to analyze additional charts. When you discover multiple quantities of the same book, eScore provides the data you need to know how many to put in your cart. This key metric is available in database mode and provides the backbone for our Smart Triggers.

Smart Triggers

If your current triggers only allow you to analyze a single data point, you’re most likely leaving piles of money on the table. More than 50% of books on Amazon don’t have a Prime price “visible” to scanning apps (thanks to Amazon’s API limitations). ScoutIQ analyzes multiple variables to help you select a realistic list price – including visible Prime prices, all Used prices, the Used Buy Box, and Amazon’s price. Once the app selects a list price, it then deducts shipping expenses and Amazon’s fees to arrive at an estimated net profit. This profit-based approach is built into our Smart Triggers to help you focus on growing your true bottom line. Whether you sell Merchant Fulfilled or FBA, you can customize ScoutIQ’s triggers to meet the precise needs of your business.

Downloadable Database

Serious book scouts require a downloadable database. Database Mode helps you scan books up to five times faster than looking up live data. Time is money in this business. Having offline access to data allows you to scan books in areas without cell service or a WiFi signal – such as that thrift store in the boondocks or that library sale in a dusty basement. Go where others can’t. ScoutIQ’s database updates twice a day to give you up-to-date pricing information, and we packed it full of relevant data – including the book’s weight, Amazon’s Price, the Used and New Buy Boxes, the Trade-in Value, and of course our secret sauce – eScore. Now available with UK specific database for our UK users as well.

Speed Mode

We are proud to introduce to you ScoutIQ Speed Mode.  With the all-new Speed Mode enabled you can scan books using your phone’s camera continuously seeing all the information in real time. Simply open ScoutIQ, click on the scan button, and enable the “Speed Mode” slider. Now scan books via the barcode or OCR and watch the results populate in real-time at the top of the screen without closing out the camera. If you're not ready to invest in a Bluetooth scanner, but want to scan faster, this is for you!

Wholesale Integration

ScoutIQ is proud to be partnered with the wholesale buyback company, Sell Back Your Book. SBYB is the largest online book buyback company paying out over 10 million dollars to date. With ScoutIQ you can instantly see the price they are willing to pay in cash and add it to your cart with a single click. Stop throwing away your duds and start monetizing them with SBYB today!

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